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Fieldwork sees architecture as a social and civic practice. From our homes to our schools, from our workplaces to our creative and civic spaces, we all engage with architecture on a daily basis. We believe architecture is a sensitive, spatial practice from which the entirety of life unfolds.

We are a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio founded in 2013. We have grown into a team of more than 25 practitioners from diverse cultures spanning expertise in the fields of architecture, commerce, design, urbanism, publishing and art.

We live in an urban age. At Fieldwork, we design for the city as the site from which to build a more equitable and environmentally conscious world. We believe in an active architecture that both shapes and is shaped by social, political, aesthetic, emotional and economic forces. We practice architecture as a living form that is agile and enduring, poetic and pragmatic, precise and optimistic: sensitive to the evolving needs of its inhabitants within a shifting local and global context.

Research, experimentation, materiality and modesty drive our design process. We imagine new ways of living, working and learning together. We believe that good architecture starts with deep listening.

Fieldwork has forged a strong reputation for its work across multi-residential housing, workplace design, education and spaces for the making and presentation of contemporary art. We apply rigorous thinking to our collaborative design process involving clients, community stakeholders and future inhabitants.

We acknowledge the First Australians: we practice and build upon the lands and culture of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation.


Through our research and design studio Fieldstudies, we deepen our understanding of the areas where design-thinking and architecture can push for greater civic equity. We share this knowledge and research through studios at Melbourne School of Design.

Joachim Quino Holland

Hannah Jonasson

Ben Keck

Briony Massie
Associate Director

Tim Brooks
Associate Director

Vlad Doudakliev
Senior Associate

Stephanie McNamara
Senior Associate

Bettina Robinson
Senior Associate & Interior Design Lead

Sukhjit Kaur

Tom Marshall

Andrew Coates 
Financial Controller

David Sidaway

David Dinh
Studio Manager

Georgia Kirsop
Studio Coordinator

Damian Wilson
BIM & Technology Leader

Andrew Richardson 
Senior Project Architect

Stuart Eaves
Project Lead

Shuian Sang
Project Architect

Campbell Corney-Lauder
Project Architect

John Kim
Project Architect

Elina Luostarinen
Project Architect

Bridget Lensen

Holly Slater

Raphael Graham

Nicola Leong

Catherine Demetriou

Mitchell Lind
Architectural Technician

Luc Harel
Architectural Graduate

Kayleb Wilson-Crosbie
Architectural Graduate

Alan Damen
Architectural Assistant

Lily Di Sciascio
Architectural Assistant