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For the past 10 years we have endeavoured to create architecture that facilitates the enjoyment of life, innately entwinned with principles of social and environmental sustainability. From reducing whole life carbon, to further integrating nature, supporting local communities and designing with Country, we are focused on using our agency to create and advocate for buildings that are holistic in design, regenerative in nature and beautiful in experience.


Fieldwork have been carbon neutral since the end of 2022, having undertaken an audit with Low Carbon Economy. 

Our first step is understanding the impact of our practice operations by measuring our carbon footprint. This has been carried out by the Carbon Reduction Institute, an independent third-party carbon auditor. With this information we can see where we need to improve to further reduce our footprint, and what offsets are required to neutralise emissions that are currently unavoidable.

We have chosen ‘improved cookstove’ offsets for remote communities in Peru.  Building from our existing links with Peru the cookstoves reduce emissions, reduce the cost and time spent collecting fuel, and contribute to the improvement of community health. More information on our offsets can be found via our page on the Low Carbon Economy website. 

We acknowledge, however, that the first step must always be to reduce negative impacts, and to treat offsets as a last resort. This is our strategy. So, we will continue to monitor, track, and publish our carbon audit results moving forward.

You can see our 2022 Accreditation Report here, our 2023 Accreditation Report here, or you can view our certification via the Low Carbon Economy website here

If you'd like to know more about our Accreditation Report, reach out to us via our Contact page.